2nd International Conference of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers

Online, 15 – 16 October 2020

Languages for Specific Purposes: Opportunities and Challenges of Teaching and Research

We are calling for proposals for the 2nd international conference of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers, which will take place online, 15 -16 October 2020. The Slovene Association of LSP Teachers (SDUTSJ), which plays an important role in the development of LSP teaching and research in Slovenia, held a highly acclaimed 1st international conference in 2017 to celebrate the Association’s twentieth anniversary. The event brought together researchers and teachers from twenty-six countries, who delivered more than ninety presentations on a wide variety of LSP topics. The selected articles based on the contributions presented at the conference have been published in the Association’s online journal Scripta Manent (indexed in MLA, Erih+, DOAJ, LLBA) and in the conference proceedings in series Inter Alia. Three years later, the Association is holding its 2nd international conference, with which it wishes to offer LSP researchers and teachers the opportunity to share their latest original research, views, and practices applicable to LSP teaching contexts. Taking into account growing internationalization and the need for cooperation in LSP research and teaching, the conference also aims to consolidate collaboration with existing partners and to establish new links within the broader international research and teaching community.

Conference topics

Submissions are welcome in the following LSP areas:
❖ genre-based research
❖ multimodal texts
❖ lexicography and terminography
❖ intercultural studies
❖ language policy
❖ language acquisition process
❖ information-communication technologies
❖ curriculum and syllabus design
❖ language teaching methodology
❖ teaching and learning materials design
❖ assessment and evaluation
❖ teacher roles, tasks, and competences

Programme committee

Nives Lenassi (conference coordinator), Slovenia
Ana Balula, Portugal
Denis Cunningham, Australia
Alejandro B. Curado Fuentes, Spain
Slavica Čepon, Slovenia
Mateja Dostal, Slovenia
Danijela Đorović, Serbia
Jan Engberg, Denmark
Sabrina Francesconi, Italy
Giuliana Garzone, Italy
Claus Gnutzmann, Germany
Šarolta Godnič Vičič, Slovenia
Brigita Kacjan, Slovenia
Moira Kostić Bobanović, Croatia
Christina Kuhn, Germany
Mojca Jarc, Slovenia
Heike Juengst, Germany
Violeta Jurkovič, Slovenia
Vita Kilar, Slovenia
Inna Kozlova, Spain
Jarek Krajka, Poland
Roma Kriaučiūnienė, Lithuania
Rachel Lindner, Germany
Stefania Maci, Italy
Marie-Annick Mattioli, France
Darja Mertelj, Slovenia
Timea Nemeth, Hungary
Darija Omrčen, Croatia
Saša Podgoršek, Slovenia
Catherine Richards, Switzerland
Jamie Rinder, Sweden
Helen Stepanova, Latvia
Jolanta Šinkūnienė, Lithuania
David Tual, Great Britain
Marina Tzoannopoulou, Greece
Ana Vujović, Serbia

Organizing committee

Saša Podgoršek, Slovenia (head of the organizing committee)
Maja Budeč Staničić, Slovenia
Mateja Dostal, Slovenia
Lars Felgner, Slovenia
Violeta Jurkovič, Slovenia
Vita Kilar, Slovenia
Nives Lenassi, Slovenia
Darja Mertelj, Slovenia
Alenka Plos, Slovenia
Polonca Svetlin Gvardjančič, Slovenia
Polona Vičič, Slovenia
Vida Zorko, Slovenia